Off air and went for a ride to Byron Bay.

Been away the past few weeks on a ride up to Byron Bay and back, lots of kilometres and nothing much to say about them. I was so impressed by Byron Bay I stayed for a full two and a half hours, and then hit the road back to Sydney.

Site was down because I forgot to renew it and when I found ‘invoice overdue’ emails from the hosting service, I was several hundred kilometres away. No big deal.

OK – now that I’ve renewed hosting it might be a good idea to expand contents and on subjects important to me. One being that I was a ‘London boy’ in my teens and have a lot to say about what appears to be the invisibility of street boys past and present. The other is of course climate change, and then there are many things I’m interested in such as visual art, street photography (who would have thought), religion, Iaido, Zen, and the list goes on. LOL a major fault of mine: too many interests. I’ll start with a page or even a subdomain on street boys.

War, price of bread, horrors, and bike fixed.

Bike fixed, now all I need to get back on the road is a break in the weather. Not sure where I’ll head next, it again depends on the weather.

Been following the situation in Ukraine, and still feel this situation could have been avoided if NATO had shown some teeth when Russia believing it to be made up of wet-noodles, thought it safe to invade.

The horrors in areas from which the Russians retreated? If real, we need to wait for independent investigations to conclude, then they should not come as any surprise. Humans are as ‘bad’ as they are ‘good’, and evil often presents as a higher good. In a letter to his children, an Auschwitz SS officer wrote, “Daddy is doing a difficult but necessary job”, he didn’t write because he couldn’t admit it, and probably not even to himself, that it didn’t take long before he started to enjoy his ‘difficult job’.

Even if there is no justice, a problem Russia will have is many thousands of young men returning from war destroyed by guilt and shame. Many baby boomers know what that means.

Here’s a thought, Russian and Ukrainian wheat exports combined would amount to 55,322,687 tonnes based on 2021 figures. The United States comes in second to Russia, exporting in that same year 26,131,626 tonnes. With climate change initially increasing Russia’s production and decreasing it elsewhere, the wheat growing regions are moving towards the poles as the planet heats up, if Russia controls Ukraine, it would also control the price of every wheat-based food. With the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and second biggest army, who is going to argue with Russia about the price of a slice of bread?

Let the Mother-Fucker Burn!

That’s about what politicians and industry leaders are saying with regard to life on Earth. Tuesday morning, Australian time, the IPCC released the third part of its latest report – what we can do about climate change. Important points include that to remain under 1.5 degrees Celsius we need to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030, and deploy at scale carbon capture and storage. The latter says a lot about where we are right now; there is already sufficient CO2 in the atmosphere to drive temperature rise to above 1.5 Celsius. What’s the situation with reducing emissions? Levels are going up at a steady rate, and that despite science repeating the same warning time and time again, and for decades.

The younger generations are protesting, which is understandable given they are in a fight for life itself, and what is the reaction of government? Here in New South Wales the government came out and announced those who stop traffic ‘for their own selfish reasons’, which sounds like a fair statement of what motivates politicians themselves, now risk 2 years jail and a 22 thousand dollar fine.

BBC report on the home page.

A broadside aimed at government and industry from the United Nations Secretary General

Next bicycle trip? Waiting for the bike repair shop to finish doing what they do. Next destination will mostly depend on the weather forecast.

A few pictures from the last ride.

Sunset as pictures whilst riding down  the Mitchell Highway, south of the city of Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia.
A sunset that makes you slam on the breaks and get the camera out. South of Dubbo on the Mitchell Highway.
The Golden Highway in the Upper Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia, with distant green rolling hills.
Golden Highway near Cassilis, Upper Hunter Valley, NSW. Caught my shadow.

Bike and trailer stopped on the Great Western Highway, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. Valley and distant hills in the background.
Heavy load and going up the Victoria Pass on the western side of the Blue Mountains, means pushing.

A question I often get is, “Where do you sleep?” Here camped in the woods east of Lithgow, a town just west of the Blue Mountains, NSW. The blue container is the water, I usually set out with 4 to 5 litres and can get through that in a day when there are hills and heat.

LOL – Australia is nearly there as well. Russian police arrest a man for holding up a blank piece of paper.

The troubling thing here is that the guy is not arrested for doing or even saying anything, but for what the officers assume to be his thoughts. It’s just a more extreme example of the state giving itself the ability to legislate thought, and we are increasingly seeing that here in Australia and elsewhere in the so-called free world. I liked what a journalist wrote in “Le Monde” years ago when the French parliament was considering laws allegedly necessary to combat terrorism, “Terrorists can kill people but not a nation, whereas bad legislation can.”

UDHR 18 (1): “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The mind is off limits to law because those who created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights well understood that all authoritarian regimes begin with small impositions on freedom of thought and speech, and they always have a way of justifying this, usually to protect the public from some terrible, but near non-existent on proper analysis, threat.