The sun is back.

Correction from my last post. A few members of Extinction Rebellion Sydney did block Pitt Street on Monday. Not sure whether that is a good strategy, I’ve had that discussion with XR members before, we’re about ‘winning hearts and minds’ and is annoying some poor coot trying to get home or to work going to achieve that?

What is a good strategy? I totally agree with old sir David Attenborough when he said the battle is in the field of communications – convincing people there is a problem and one that needs to be addressed. It’s in communications that we are losing; no matter what you do out there in the street, as far as the public is concerned it did not happen unless it is on the evening news and / or front and centre on a news service’s website. To make matters worse, even if it is reported, what the public think about it will entirely depend on how it is reported. All you need is a few hard lefties turning up at a climate demo with red flags and the right-wing media would give them a blow job. “Anti-capitalist communist Uni students living off their parents disrupt hard-working taxpayers with their bullshit bla, bla”. Must say the lefties have gone missing recently, maybe they understood they did more damage than good in trying to hitch their political agenda onto the climate change movement. An old die-hard communist admitted to me that having failed to bring about the ‘inevitable revolution’, the strategy became to infiltrate and try to take over all other movements such as environment, gay, women’s, indigenous, etc movements and use them as platforms to bring about worldwide revolution. I think that’s called ‘delusional’.

The end result has been a weakening of all the above and a worldwide rise of authoritarianism. Sorry to say, it’s expected when you give too much importance to the opinions of old fools, the young and the inexperienced. I could add the self-interested and the self-pitying sex-addicted narcissists I need not name.

Anyways – the sun is back out and the flood waters receding. For now. What’s next? Floods, drought with crop failures, wildfires, massive cyclones? For sure nature is hell-bent on driving the message, “Wake up and Act!”

Thinking about a page on the subject of street boys and Piccadilly Circus. Share a few thoughts and hard truths.