Northern Victoria.

Stopped in a town called Chiltern in northern Victoria, having spotted a sign on the highway announcing the local pro rodeo is on tomorrow, Sunday 12th. Rodeos are fun to watch, you wish the bull or horse would win big time, and might get some good photos, and have a reason to not regret the extra weight of the DSLR and 300 mm lens. Sadly found out it’s a night which creates a problem finding a place to camp in the dark, so will have to give it a miss.

Chiltern in Victoria. Not sure what the secret baby squirrel is… Maybe a school for apprentice intelligence officers?
There’s a plan to transform disused train lines into nice tracks for bicycle riders, but strangely some do not agree. This farmer’s gate is just north of Gundagai in New South Wales. What are they afraid of?
Remnant of the old Hume Highway, somewhere south of Gundagai in New South Wales, miles from nowhere anyway. The hills and land used to be bush but last century too much of it was ‘cleared’. Destroyed.