If we split open the cherry tree

We find no flower there

It is the spring that becomes the seed of the blossoms

“The Tree in the Forecourt”.



That’s a town just north of Eden on the New South Wales south coast and where I’m camped today. Just realized this afternoon that in January 2020 I did Sydney to past Eden and back in about the time this ride has taken so far. Really slow going, these past few days I’ve been walking …

Batemans Bay

I was hoping to be well passed Batemans Bay by this afternoon, but between myself and the planet, it’s a tossup as to who is feeling the most unwell. We’re a few weeks into spring and the mercury is hitting 30 Celsius, and as for myself, it’s no energy and plain feeling sick. Anyways, checked …

In Ulladulla.

That’s a town on the New South Wales south coast, about 200 kilometres from Sydney. Nothing much worth mentioning, the highlight of the past few days was a puppy that at 2AM attempted a break-and-enter into the tent. He was actually whimpering, begging to be let in, and so he spent the rest of the …