Human Rights Watch (HRW) declared Israel an apartheid state. Israel said it is not an apartheid state but rather a state that cares. As demonstrated by a hero of the Israeli Defence Force in the short video above. Thank God there was media present, otherwise the kid would probably have had his arm – oopsie – rebroken. BTW – Go girl in pink!


Some miscellaneous ‘life’ stuff and a thought on where we’re at with the climate problem.

I was recently asked how the book is coming on, and replied it is stalled. That’s the book “based on a true story” about my time as a street kid in seventies London. It’s all but done, and quiet a while ago, but the discovery of old documents and a few other things caused the …

The God question.

Not another boring discussion about the existence of God and who has ownership of ‘him’ and to whom did ‘he’ give the exclusive. As in ‘what we and we alone have is God’s word’, we are ‘his’ chosen people, etc. That’s all rather ridiculous. Both believing and not believing in God implies, as commonly debated, …