Climate activists are terrorists?

It appears that the conservative side of politics in many nations is trying a balancing act between appearing to be ‘acting on climate’ whilst putting the breaks on action as much and for as long as possible. One strategy is to brand young people desperately trying to get the message out as terrorists, as in the video linked below. That’s in the UK, and it’s no different here in Australia. So what’s the truth here? First up, what’s the definition of ‘terrorism’? It depends on which definition fits the agenda of the government defining it, but generally in security studies the accepted definition is, ‘the use of fear to force modification of behaviour’. Causing a mass casualty event, for example, to force a government to withdraw from an overseas conflict. Blocking a motorway cannot be classified as terrorism because where it might annoy motorists, it doesn’t result in a mass need for a change of underwear.

Is blocking a motorway, or throwing soup at a painting an effective strategy? My opinion is that it is not because most people couldn’t give a rat’s arse about a painting and tomato soup, and given how people identify with their motor vehicles, they say ‘I had a flat tyre’, and not ‘my car had a flat tyre’, any hindrance to their car experience is to them an attack on their person and so the anger they experience overshadows any mental ability they might have to see the point the young people are trying to make. I do get it that soup on a painting gets more media coverage than the climate emergency, but the general public only see in such an action another reason to dislike climate activists and therefore a justification to continue driving a gas-guzzling SUV, as a cheap way of ‘punishing’ climate activists.

Are governments right in cracking down as hard as possible in a democratic society on climate activists? The answer to that can only be in the affirmative if as appears to be the case, governments legislate in the interest of the economic aristocracy they rely on to remain in power. It’s well known that someone such as Rupert Murdoch can set the outcome of an election, and a car manufacturer can threaten to move a factory to another part of the world and leave a government with a loss of export dollars and maybe tens of thousands of extra people lining up for unemployment benefits. Today is not so different from the Middle Ages when a king was nothing without the support of the aristocracy. It’s something climate activists need to think about; the ‘government’ is only in power for as long as it does what it’s told

If the climate activists need to think about the reality of things, then so does the government, and including all three of its estates. The young people are showing great restraint in only using non-violent strategies that unfortunately make them easy targets for political leaders too weak to legislate in the interest of the people, and news media which could better be described as propagandists for the government of the moment, and corporations.

That we are already experiencing a climate crisis is beyond dispute even to the dumbest of citizens, and this crisis can only grow to the point where it causes mass life extinction. Here’s the thing – people initially most affected will not simply lie down and die with a shrug of the shoulders, they will do whatever they can to survive including taking over a less affected region and eliminating its population if it dares try to resist the invasion. In developed nations civil unrest will also become a problem when people realise the young people were right to believe what scientists have been saying for decades, especially when there are food and drinking-water shortages, and will as people do, seek to enact revenge on those they not incorrectly blame for not having addressed the problem in time. The executive? The military? I don’t believe many would be prepared to defend the lives of billionaires, climate change deniers, and politicians who for their own selfish reasons, denied their children the right to life as well.

An 18th century samurai on homosexuality.

Found this interesting, an opinion on homosexuality in the ‘Hagakure’, which is a sort of life manual for the samurai, and was written by samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo in the early 18th century.

When one is young, he can often bring on shame for a life-

time by homosexual acts. To have no understanding of this

is dangerous. As there is no one to inform young men of this

matter, I can give its general outline.

One should understand that a woman is faithful to only one

husband. Our feelings go to one person for one lifetime. If this

is not so, it is the same as sodomy or prostitution. This is shame

for a warrior. Ihara Saikaku has written a famous line that goes,

“An adolescent without an older lover is the same as a woman

with no husband.” But this sort of person is ridiculous.

A young man should test an older man for at least five years,

and if he is assured of that person’s intentions, then he too

should request the relationship. A fickle person will not enter

deeply into a relationship and later will abandon his lover.

If they can assist and devote their lives to each other, then

their nature can be ascertained. But if one partner is crooked,

the other should say that there are hindrances to the relationship

and sever it with firmness. If the first should ask what those

hindrances are, then one should respond that he will never in

his life say. If he should continue to push the matter, one should

get angry ; if he continues to push even further, cut him down.

Furthermore, the older man should ascertain the younger man’s

real motives in the aforementioned way. If the younger man can

devote himself and get into the situation for five or six years,

then it will not be unsuitable.

Above all, one should not divide one’s way into two. One

should strive in the Way of the Samurai.

Hoshino Ryotetsu was the progenitor of homosexuality in

our province, and although it can be said that his disciples were

many, he instructed each one individually. Edayoshi Saburoza-

emon was a man who understood the foundation of homosexuality.

Once, when accompanying his master to Edo, Ryotetsu

asked Saburozaemon, “What have you understood of homosex-


Saburozaemon replied, “It is something both pleasant and


Ryotetsu was pleased and said, “You have taken great pains

for some time to be able to say such a thing.”

Some years later there was a person who asked Saburozae-

men the meaning of the above. He replied, “To lay down one’s

life for another is the basic principle of homosexuality. If it

is not so, it becomes a matter of shame. However, then you

have nothing left to lay down for your master. It is therefore

understood to be something both pleasant and unpleasant.”

It’s similar to what the Pope answered when asked for his views on homosexuality, “If two people love each other, then who am I to judge?” If love is present, and its not just lust and narcissism, and given God is Love and Love is God, then indeed, no human has the right to judge. I also noted that Tsunetomo does not speak of ‘homosexuals’, as meaning the ‘identity’ of someone different from the majority, but rather acknowledges homosexuality is a common male practise, and including by samurais. In its insistence on higher ideals and respect, his discussion is reminiscent of Plato’s ‘Phaedrus’. Below is a funny pic of an older man and an adolescent male ( wakashu) – yes it’s a male – playing hard to get.

Probably not enough cash in that box on the bed.

Been thinking of sharing a few thoughts on what ‘samurai’ can mean today, and you don’t have to be Japanese!

Danny arrested, and near ready to hit the road again.

Danny Lim is a well-known and much-loved sandwich man who has devoted his later years to promoting peace, love, and action of climate. Below is a disturbing video of his arrest a few days ago. As far as I know, no news report specifies the reason for his arrest beyond he was told to ‘move on’, and maybe didn’t move fast enough? He is approximately eighty-years-old.

Whether there exists a law justifying the ‘move on’ order is not specified, but I suppose that will be a question for the court to decide because this will end up in court.

Danny Lim at a recent climate demo in Sydney.

What I find highly concerning is that this if just another example of how as a civilisation we are losing compassion, and I’d say now cowardly take pleasure in inflicting ever increasing pain, but only on those either unable or too high-minded to retaliate. ‘Tough Aussie?’ Maybe a century ago.

Got the bike back and waiting for the trailer part. Will see what ‘express post’ means to Australia Post.

Bike in for repairs, Zen and telling truth.

Bike is in for repair and maintenance, and the store that supplied the trailer emailed saying they have a spare axle in stock. Should I have another go at making it to Kosciuszko? I don’t like being defeated by a few bucks worth of metal, but as I previously said, I feel as though there are more important things to do right now than riding down highways. If only I knew what those things could be, if indeed there is anything at all.

A Zen master might say, “The way that is the way – is not the way.” I feel what I seek is beyond my comprehension even were I to devote a century to seeking understanding because all things possess a multitude of levels of subtlety and understanding, and seeking to bring the deepest and most subtle to the surface, is in ways betraying knowledge because that which is spoken is not lived, and what is lived cannot be said. (An interpretation of Musashi’s writings.)
If I could once again use my experience as a teenage Piccadilly Circus boy as an example, I could talk about what happened, and what I witnessed, and that may well be correct on the surface of things, but it is not what I lived if what I lived is more precisely what I felt, what I perceived, what I learned, the intense feelings of bodily and spiritual pain contrasted against feelings of ecstasy and physical pleasure, how all those things changed me as a human being, how I experienced other human beings in their individual complexity – that evil is a terrifyingly beautiful thing? I could continue the list and then try to combine all those things into something I could outlay for all to see, but would it be a complete truth? Of course not, because the further I would venture, the closer I would get to things we as humans cannot know and therefore cannot describe using human words. What I would say is not ‘knowledge’, as in knowing and expressing a complete truth, because it would be incomplete and so not a lie but rather, and more correctly, a betrayal of knowledge.

OK, as I said, to bike ride or not to bike ride?


God didn’t want it…

Set out on the highway south from Sydney, and down in the Southern Tablelands, the bike’s rear derailleur broke, and if that was not enough, so did the trailer attachment. So there I was with bike and trailer as two separate parts that could not be joined together and pushed to a railway station. Worse than the last time the derailleur snapped, and that was in the same area, as though it is cursed and best avoided should I repair and head out again. Truth be told, I knew as soon as I hit the road that the rig was overloaded, and something would likely break. The good thing is that I was near a railway station, and a passing Buddhist monk appeared and offered to help me get the broken rig onto a Sydney-bound train. Blessings to him.

What now? Honestly, too many things have gone wrong with this ride south, its as though something is saying I have to complete tasks I’ve being resisting before setting out again. Honestly, I’m not even sure what it is I’m supposed to be doing? I can think of a few possibles, but it all feels like more wasting of time and setting up for failure when as a nobody, all that’s left to do is prepare for a peaceful end of life. It’s been a great existence where I’ve lived as few others have had the chance, but you do begin to feel that enough is indeed enough. Or is it? LOL