Raining, the communists and climate.

Saturday afternoon and it’s windy and raining, that’s no bike ride for you old man. Check email, read that sample newspaper I got from an elderly Chinese woman in exchange for a signature on a petition calling for the downfall of the Chinese Communist Party, go outside and smoke a cigarette.

Found in the email one from Extinction Rebellion UK about all the great things they achieved in recent days, such as smashing a few office windows, getting arrested, sitting in a circle somewhere, will any of that change anything? Thinking about it outside having a cigarette, I honestly doubt it. Barking up the wrong tree.

I was in part responsible from triggering a local branch of XR but got elbowed out because many believe I am indeed the ‘mastermind’ behind an international criminal organisation, and those whose faith is not quite that strong nevertheless prefer to err on the side of caution. What I’m saying is that I have nothing against XR, but do question strategies used. Hey – am I not the mastermind?

We know the planet’s life-support system is failing and in the not too distant future conditions on Earth will be inconsistent with the needs of most life. When that happens and regardless of how much life remains, that life will be ‘functionally extinct’ because it will no longer be sustainable. If say the planet is heading for 6 degrees warming and despite the fact it has warmed only 1.1 degrees thus far, if we humans do not do what is needed to stop further warming and we hit 6 degrees, then we and many other life-forms are already ‘functionally extinct’.

We have a window of less than 10 years to take action, and I don’t think breaking a glass window or two in London will do the trick. What would more likely achieve a result would be if say all under-forties sent their their fossil-fuelled cars to Sim’s Metals, and cancelled any planned air travel. Just for starters, and actions such as that would speak louder than breaking glass because they demonstrate people are well prepared to put the needs of the younger generation ahead of adult lifestyle wants.

As I said, I also read a few articles in that sample newspaper and had to chuckle at how it insists the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has plans for world domination. The grand evil plan apparently is to make the current and next centuries ‘Asian’ by crushing the ‘West’ along with all it’s decadent and inferior culture and it’s flawed political system. It reminded me of what Michio Kaku, the theoretical physicist, said in comments on where he thought human civilisation was heading. That a world civilisation is already appearing and that the problem the far right in the West and the ultra-religious such as the ‘Islamist’ all have, even if they don’t know it, is that they fear and resist what is now a done deal. They are being left behind as relics of a past era in human evolution. Add the CCP because President Xi still believes in imperial China, a poor sod who to remain in power has had to open concentration camps for Muslims, and ban Peppa Pig, and South Park as well I believe. It’s hilarious this mighty empire is in fact so fragile that it fears western cartoons more than it does copping a nuke. Poor Chinese, aside from polluting themselves to death making most of the world’s disposable crap, I can’t think of a single thing that has come out of China in recent times and that would have the cultural impact of say a Ferrari motorcar, Levis jeans, Abba, or animations such as those of Japan’s Ghibli Studios. The worst part is that it doesn’t have to be that way, contemporary artist Aiweiwei is world famous and probably the better known of China’s cultural exports, but just a shame the Chinese Communist Party gave the order for his Beijing studio to be bulldozed.

An existential threat to the CCP.