Putin’s love affair with the LGBT

More outrage in the media about Putin extending the reach of the Russian government’s ‘gay propaganda’ laws. Focus of the outrage is on how this affects adult gays such as a Saint Petersburg transsexual who now feels forced to move to Paris, as reported by the BBC. Western media mainly report these laws as political opportunism in that they exploit a genuine fear of homosexuals within the Russian public. What is not discussed is why this fear exists.

To understand that we need to look back and acknowledge that Russia, and other eastern block nations, were and remain socially conservative, and religious despite the best efforts of their communist governments to stamp out religion. It could be true that such efforts reinforced religious belief rather than eliminating it. To make matters worse, as far as homosexuals are concerned, Russia and ex-Soviet block nations at the time of the fall of the Soviet Union did not have laws prohibiting the production of child abuse material, and the combination of widespread poverty, corruption, and the collapse of the state system including institutions such as orphanages and juvenile detention centres, etc, meant there was an ample supply of socially-isolated Slavic children for criminals to prey upon. In her book, “Putin’s Russia”, and discussing military recruits been hired out as slave labour, Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya (murdered Moscow 2006) wrote that such hiring out to businesses was not the only money-making scheme, and there is ample evidence that boys in military school, like those in juvenile detention facilities, were forcefully used in the production of child-abuse material.

Cities such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other eastern European cities, became prime destinations for western sex tourists, and as mentioned emerged a production of child-abuse material on an industrial scale primarily catering for the Western European and North American markets. To the citizens of eastern block nations who for seventy years had remained isolated behind the Iron Curtain, such was their first encounter with what appeared to them as accepted western morality, and first impressions are lasting.

Further confirming this negative view of western societies came in recent decades the push for gay marriage, and the ‘trans movement’ with reports of preschool children being encouraged to ‘transition’, and of children undergoing irreversible ‘gender-reassignment surgery’. It should surprise no one that Putin is able to describe these practises as satanic, and many in the west agree with that view fuelling, together with issues of mass migration, population replacement, and fear of loss of culture and national identity, a strengthening of the far-right in western nations as well.