Some miscellaneous ‘life’ stuff and a thought on where we’re at with the climate problem.

I was recently asked how the book is coming on, and replied it is stalled. That’s the book “based on a true story” about my time as a street kid in seventies London. It’s all but done, and quiet a while ago, but the discovery of old documents and a few other things caused the realisation I have a memory gap. I can literally pin point where memory stops and where it resumes and further research indicates that what’s in between is serious, and can’t just be left out.

I never really believed in ‘suppressed memory’, which has been widely debunked, but not by some neurologists specialising in trauma and memory. A French researcher doesn’t call it ‘suppressed’ but rather that the brain can in people with post-traumatic stress, etc, and as a defence mechanism, bracket out parts of memory. Like a corrupt file made unreadable by a computer’s operating system. Reading online though some of his open-source research papers, I found there is reason to investigate further and after contacting various services, now have the details of an Australian who I’m told is a world-renowned authority in the field of trauma. All that to say the book will – InshAllah – be completed. I’ll be glad when the job is done.

Climate demos? Not much happening, but I received word the next kids’ one in Sydney is on the 21st of this month. Probably will not go given I’m not a kid, and feel too many supportive and appropriately concerned-looking adults dilutes the youth message.

I think we can wait and see what happens at November’s COP26 in Glasgow. If not enough then we will have to ‘consider our position’. Good to see pope Francis is onboard and calling for immediate action, and that worldwide, religious communities are organising interfaith actions. We have a problem with some claiming to be religious as was found in the United States where 80 percent of evangelists are Trump supporters and climate change deniers. I had a conversation a few years ago with a man claiming to be a ‘Christian’ who said climate change cannot be real because “God would not allow it.” No use even responding because he is still at the intellectual level of a child trusting Daddy will fix it.

Where we’re at is easy to see in the graph below. Not looking good at all and the question of why governments are reluctant to take the necessary action is often asked. It’s all the more bizarre given the drastic action taken with little hesitation to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. We know the countries who put economy and politics ahead of public health are now paying the price. The same applies to climate change with the difference we will all pay the price of inaction. Myself, I’ve suggested the problem is, and based on Baudrillard’s theory of hyper-reality, that we live in a civilisation in which reality has been replaced by an unreality, and one that excludes the very existence of any other reality. It’s Disneyland being more real than what lies beyond it, it’s the golden calf made from the collective wealth of a people promising happiness when in fact it is only a chunk of metal. What could be more ‘evil’ than sacrificing children, now even young adults, on the altar of that golden calf we now call ‘the economy’?

Just a comment on wealth being a false god and cause of our problem, I don’t believe the solution is “tearing down the system and rebuilding it” as the far left would claim to be the solution. That is a redistribution of the excess value of labour which does not solve the underlying problem and one Marx had no possibility of knowing would arise from industrialisation. Equality based on everyone having the same rather than some having more than others is just cutting the cake up into equal slices but without questioning whether the value we attach to the cake itself, is the problem. No argument from me that inequality has long been at unacceptable levels and continues to grow, but more than a change of economic system what we need is a change in how humans derive a sense of self-worth and by consequence how they interact with the natural universe and with each other. Basically ‘Love thy neighbour as thy love thyself’ and we would not be in the position we are today.